Whether you already own your land or need help finding a homesite, you can trust VIP to develop and build your dream property.

We have 35 years of experience improving many different types of land; have handled easements, utilities, grading and drainage, and many other site-related challenges. Additionally, we have navigated jurisdictional approvals including HOAs, cities and counties from dust permits to design review all over the valley. Regardless of the obstacle, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully complete your project.

Perhaps you have struggled to find a quality custom builder at a reasonable price. VIP is the solution. Specializing in building to your unique style and budget, we can provide ideas from our portfolio or work with a design you have already fallen in love with. 

Testimonial from a recent “Build on Your Own Land” customer!

“We received the keys to our custom VIP “built on our land” home a couple of weeks ago, and all I can say is FABULOUS!!! Evelyn (V.P. and Founder) is the most caring business person I’ve ever had the great honor of working with. My wife and I both have nothing but praise and appreciation for her and this company. To say she went out of her way to help my family’s dream come true is by far an understatement! I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind, there is no way another builder would have done half of what Evelyn did for us; we are eternally grateful! 

In addition, once the building starts, your everyday contact becomes your site supervisor. In our case this was Bob Johnson. Let me tell, you when you are building your dream home you become one picky son of a biscuit. You of course want everything perfect. Which by the way is what VIP strives to deliver. However, when you are watching daily progress you will STILL nitpick the heck out of every tiny detail. How would you like to deal with customers like this day after day at multiple job sites? I cannot imagine the patience and tolerance it must take to keep your cool. Well, Bob did. No matter how much grief I gave him, he always conducted himself calmly and professionally, without ever once returning the negativity I must have been projecting. I find this downright admirable. Thanks Bob, you’re the man!  

Bottom line; you want a top of the line, totally gorgeous, highly energy efficient home, built by people that really care? Then do not cheat yourself, call VIP today. Those of us who’ve completed the process are the real winners, and should really be the only reviews you give any cadence too. We are living the dream…. Thank You VIP!!!”